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Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Xy-za Gerondio [/’zai-za’/; /’He-ron-DYO’/] is a 100% Bisaya (Visayan)-native, born and raised from a small 5th-class municipality with an 11,000+ population — Josefina, Zamboanga Del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines.

Surrounded by family of farmers since birth, she became one and PROUD of it. Her urge to become a blogger began when she received positive feedback’s of a portrait of herself posted on Facebook, wearing her typical farm wardrobe with the Carabao and goat(s) as her backdrop; captioned– FARMER AND PROUD, which eventually became her very first blog post entitled, “A Farmer’s Daughter Turns Style Blogger“.

Between those instances, she discerned that even the simplest of all the simple people in the world could make a difference. So, who is she to ignore the opportunity? Since then, she gathered ALL her confidence, determination and positivism to start her own personal blog www.xyzagerondio.blog! <3

Growing up, she developed a strong impulse to the fashion world through books & magazines (…they don’t have internet connection in the province!).

Xy-za is a dreamer. She strongly believed that hope is a waking dream. That no matter how young or how old you are, you should never stop dreaming.

As a late bloomer, she takes pride of being self-taught in a lot of things from the most basic “How to Start A Blog” to the complex CSS, htmls, stylesheets etc.

Trial-and-error was her best-friend for the past years of being an amateur to the digital world. Unfortunately, still is now lol!

In fact, she designed her blog (yeah, this blog!) through her very own will power, energy and full efforts.

She self-claimed to be distinct from any other lifestyle bloggers you’ll know; no luxuries to offer, instead you’ll find the good in the little things in life. Xy-za focuses much on her journey in discovering life’s beauty mixed with what she loved- fashion!

Founded in August 18, 2018, “www.xyzagerondio.blog” is all about her climb from the lowest level of the mountain to the top. From ordinary to extra. From no one to someone who could inspire & be inspired.

This humble town girl just found a chance in achieving her ultimate dream — to become an influencer! (...in every little way possible)

Her journey is about what’s hidden beyond everyday’s new beginnings. What’s to read between every lines. What’s to expect unexpectedly. What’s the story beyond every details in life, what to learn and what else to discover…

Get to know her more throughout her journey. How she made the choice to take the chance in search of anything in her life to change.


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